Wolfgang Netzer's professional career began while studying at the Villa Lobos Conservatory of Rio de Janeiro, as well as private lessons with the Brazilian composer and piano / guitar virtuoso Egberto Gismonti. In Rio d. J. Netzer worked as a studio musician with NARA LEAO, Nana Caymmi, MAURICIO CARRILHO, JOAO DE AQUINO and HERMINIO BELLO DE CARVALHO.
In 1985 he released his first solo LP "MANTROJA." While numerous solo performances as guitarist and performer of his own works followed further intensive studies among others the former. ERICH FERSTL film composers as well as a visiting student of composition at the Richard Strauss Conservatory in Munich. In 1986 he founded the trio SAMAMBAIA with the release of the CD "AFRA".
In 1989, the formation Bavario, with Netzer 15 years both continuous performances and tours denied and four CD's published. ("YES EXACTLY" - "MASCHKARA" - "HOI" - "BARABA"). 2006 appears in OEHMS CLASSICS CD HU - "Imaginations about Bela Bartok Collection of Hungarian Folk Melodies" by Gabriele Mirabassi - Clarinet AUDREY LUNA - Vocals SASCHA Gotowtschikow - percussions 2009 included in the Prasad Studios Kolkata appears Polyglobe Austria "CORAL OF LIFE" with Ranajit Sengupta - Sarod Gabriele Mirabassi - Clarinet SHIRIN Sengupta - Vocals Ratul SHANKAR - Percussion Sandip GOSH - Tabla 2010 is being released at DRAMATICO the soundtrack to the movie "JANES JOURNEY "(sh. film music). Planned release an audio book's texts by Jane Goodall and about 30 minutes of music in a duo with Gabriele Mirabassi (added to the church of Sta. Cecilia, Perugia). In these years he also made ​​a name for himself as film composer and set to music about 35 television films, mostly in the documentary field. Together with the director Lorenz Knauer, they received three Gold Awards and two silver awards at the important American documentary film festival. The theme music to Michael Moore's FAHRENHEIT 9/11 comes from Netzer's spring. 2010 Movie music to international film production "JANES JOURNEY - THE LIFE JOURNEY OF THE JANE GOODALL". and 3-part television version Recent abroad for further studies and live performances in BUDAPEST, ISTANBUL, CAIRO, TUNIS, CALCUTTA and MUMBAI. With local artists intense cultural exchange.


Pandit RANAJIT SENGUPTA is one of the Best Sarode Player & Music Composer from India having performed around the world for last 20 years representing his country. He is a student of late Ustad Dhyanesh Khan & Ustad Aashish Khan of Maihar Senia Gharana & attended several workshops by Late Dr. Ustad Ali Akbar Khan in India & California.He is one of the youngest TOP Grade Sarode Player from All India Radio & Television & winner of "Presidents' award for securing First position in All India Radio Competition,Acharya Baba Allauddin Memorial Award,Pandit Nikhil Bannerjee Memorial Award & "Best talent of the Year" award by HMV to name a few. He is a topper in both Graduation & Master's Exam from Rabindra Bharati University, Kolkata & is a Guest Lecturer in Universities in USA, Canada, Germany, Switzerland, England & India.
He has performed in Major Music Festivals & Venues in more than 30 Countries including USA, Canada, Switzerland, France, Germany, Italy, Denmark, The Netherlands, Greece, England, Scotland, Estonia, Russia, Africa, United Arab Emirates, Syria & Caribbean Islands to name a few. He has over 30 CD & DVD releases from around the world. Ranajit has composed Music for the Dutch Feature Film "Dark Amsterdam", the Title Music for the International Film Festival, Kolkata, in 1994 & the music for the Road Movie "Lost & Found Tour" filmed about himself & 3 other Austrian Musicians.
Ranajit is currently the Principal Composer, Guest Conductor & GURU for the National Youth Orchestra for Indian Music in England. Ranajit has been a "Fellow of the Ministry of Culture", Govt. of India & an Artiste with ICCR. Right now Ranajit is doing PhD in Music.

Film music (a selection) of Wolfgang Netzer

Jane's Journey
Composition :Wolfgang Netzer
Director:Lorenz Knauer
CINEMA FOR PEACE 2011 Nominierung für den "cinema for peace" Award.
It was a real challenge to create a musical accompaniment to "Janes Journey", especially because of the multifarious pictures, travels, activities and the unique personality of Jane Goodall.
It was a journey to a sound that connects the world. (Wolfgang Netzer, Booklet JANES JOURNEY - Original Soundtrack, October 2010).

Fahrenheit 9/11
Komposition Intro:Wolfgang Netzer
Regie:Michael Moore

History of Bavaria (series)
Composition:Wolfgang Netzer
Director:General Directors

Composition:Wolfgang Netzer
Director:E. Gortner

The Alps
Composition:Wolfgang Netzer

The Bible (series)
Composition:Wolfgang Netzer
Director:General Directors

The secret sound
Composition:Wolfgang Netzer
Director:Director M. Watzke

Some special INFO about Pandit Ranajit Sengupta

1. One of the youngest TOP Grade Artiste of All India Radio & Television
2. NET qualified Lecturer by the Ministry of Education, Govt. of INDIA
3. Artist with ICCR, Ministry of External Affairs
4. Youngest Indian to give lecture at a University abroad
5. Conferred the Official PANDIT Title by the Broadcasting Corporation of India
6. Ex-"Fellow of the Ministry of Culture", Govt. of india
7. Many of his Students are getting National Scholarships by the Ministry of Culture, Govt. of India
8. Introduced many Musicians abroad since 1994 including his own Students
9. Composed many Bengali songs since many years. Released album Abokasher Aabash Theke, performed by Haimanti shukla, Raghab, Manomoy, Ustad Ali Ahmed Hussain, Pandit Kushal Das to name a few.
10. Have got 4 world Fusion Music Bands in Europe